Basic Configuration IMG616BD

Posted: Juli 22, 2009 in IMG616BD
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Berikut konfigurasi standard untuk IMG yang menggunakan semua port interfacenya.
Dalam kasus ini digunakan 4 jenis vlan untuk 6 port lan, dan 2 port analog.

vlan add IMGmgmt vid 101
vlan add Internet vid 1101
vlan add Iptel vid 2001
vlan add Video vid 3001

vlan add IMGmgmt port wan frame tagged
vlan add Internet port wan frame tagged
vlan add Iptel port wan frame tagged
vlan add Video port wan frame tagged

vlan add Internet port lan1 frame untagged

vlan add Video port lan2 frame untagged
vlan add Video port lan3 frame untagged
vlan add Iptel port lan4 frame untagged
vlan add Iptel port lan5 frame untagged
vlan add Iptel port lan6 frame untagged

ip set interface ip0 dhcp disabled
dhcpclient update

ethernet add transport IMGmgmt
ip add interface ip1
ip attach ip1 IMGmgmt

ip add defaultroute gateway

voip sip protocol enable
voip ep analogue create tel1 type al-fxs-del physical-port tel1

voip ep analogue create tel2 type al-fxs-del physical-port tel2
voip sip protocol set netinterface ip1

voip sip locationserver create fxsip contact 10.XXX.X.XX
voip sip proxyserver create fxsip contact 10.XXX.X.XX
voip ep analogue set tel1 country usa
voip ep analogue set tel2 country usa

voip sip user create 1234 address 1234 authentication 1234:password
voip sip user add 1234 port tel1

voip sip user create 5678 address 5678 authentication 5678:secret
voip sip user add 5678 port tel2

system config create configname.cfg
system config set configname.cfg


  1. David Tarigan berkata:


  2. Nic berkata:

    I am trying to configure the IMG616BD. The sip user is registered and it can receive calls but can not make any outgoing calls. I get the busy tone. Can you polease help with some advice.
    Thank you.

    • David Tarigan berkata:

      Hello Nic,

      Please let me introduce my topologi first and then I need to know your topologi too.
      So we can trace where the problem it is.
      :: My Side ::
      1. In my company, we use asterisk as PBX Server (IP 10.xx.xx.xx).
      2. Make sure the Extension that I’ve created was registered in PBX Status.
      3. Make sure the Custom Context of the Extension Allow-All not Incoming Only.
      4. See the log from PBX Server is that any LOG shown when you testing Outgoing call from the IMG (the traffic from Extension).
      5. The Most important setting when you config an analogue port in IMG616BD in my side is :
      – voip sip proxyserver create contact
      For this point, if you didn’t add your Proxy server, you just registered your sip and
      give a connection to server to call you. But you can’t make an outgoing call
      because the proxyserver not identified by the IMG616BD.

      This is a copy of IMG616BD configuration :
      NOCdtCentre> voip sip user show 8002

      Gateway user: 8002
      Country Code:
      Area Code:
      Address: 8002
      Business group ID:
      State: registered (expire time: 23 Sec.)
      Attached ports: tel2

      Call Forwarding:
      on all calls: not active
      on busy: not active
      on not answer: not active
      not answer time-out: 30 Sec.


      NOCdtCentre> voip sip proxyserver list

      Gateway – Proxy Servers:

      ID | Name | Master | Contact
      1 | mysip | false * | 10.xx.x.xx


      Sorry for my poor english.

      • Nic berkata:

        Thank you very much for your reply.
        I checked the sip log on the IMG and showed an sip401 unauthorized error every time I tried to make a call. I had the proxyserver created. Apparently my sip service provider uses a www authentication. I did: “sip protocol set authentication proxy,www” and now it woks.

        I want to monitor the IMG ports with snmp v2, and for security reasons want to change the default snmp community name. The software manual says that snmp configuration can be changed with a snmpd.cnf file upload. I tried this but the IMG doesn’t seem to care about the file I upload, and nothing is changed.
        Can you help with this?


      • David Tarigan berkata:

        Hi Nic,

        You’re welcome.
        Ok now we discuss about Custom SNMP Community for IMG616BD.
        About this configuration I have no idea how to custom the snmp community.
        Because it must change some file that i didn’t find it in the IMG.
        I also asked to ati tech support for this issue but it seems no respon.
        I think this is because the device is not intended as a distribution device.
        So that the features provided are not the same as the distribution device features such as 8624, 8000s, and others.


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